Turn House into Home


Who We Are


Turn House into Home was founded on August 10th, 2012 by a high school student. After being involved in a summer community service program, the student realized that many of the people living in homeless and transitional housing shelters moved into blank houses that did not feel like homes. Thinking that there was a solution to this problem, the high school student decided to create Turn House into Home.






At Turn House into Home we collect old artwork that is still in good condition. So far, we have worked with five local high schools as well as individual artists. If you or your high school would like to become involved, just contact us!

                 About Turn House Into Home 

       Turn House into Home is an organization that strives to provide families and individuals moving from transitional housing into more permanent housing with artwork and a sense of belonging to their new home.


        Working with transitional housing and homeless shelters, we donate artwork to families and individuals with hope that the artwork will fill the empty walls of a house and turn that house into a home.